Murder trial latest: Series of unfortunate events Muir, pictured, tells court

Adrian Muir
Adrian Muir

Alleged murderer Adrian Muir said the evidence against him was a combination of coincidence and efforts by the “real killer” to frame him.

The 51-year-old of Calder Terrace, Copley, said all the “pieces of the jigsaw” pointing to his guilt can be explained and said it “hurts my heart” to be accused of killing Pamela Jackson.

Muir denies killing the 55-year-old at her Chester-le-Street home before burying her body, with a bunch of flowers in a Tesco carrier bag, on moorland 120 miles away in Cragg Vale. Her body lay undiscovered for two months.

Under cross-examination at his murder trial, Muir accused prosecutor Andrew Robertson QC of “having a good imagination” and told him he “would have made a good novellist”.

But Mr Robertson said all the evidence put together proved Muir had murdered the gran.

The QC asked Muir about the soil found in his car which was similar to soil in Pamela’s moorland grave, his fingerprint being on a carrier bag in the grave, the phone evidence placing him on the moors on the night he allegedly buried her, his recordings apparently confessing to a violent incident that day and her blood being found in his car.

Mr Robertson asked: “Are all these unfortunate coincidences or are you saying you’ve been set up?”

Muir replied: “A bit of both I think.”

During his evidence Muir told the court Ms Jackson had claimed to be a millionaire doctor when they first met through a website called

He told jurors he had started living with Miss Jackson, who he knew as Chrissie, after just a matter of weeks and soon started to believe she had a “split personality” with frequent mood swings.

The couple had an argument on March 2. Muir said he drove to the moors alone and spent the night there, “confused, heartbroken and in tears” in relation to various aspects of his life.

Muir has also said he had taken Pamela to a pub near where she was buried, on a previous occasion. The trial continues.