Neighbour given restraining order

Calderdale Magistrates Court
Calderdale Magistrates Court

A man who harrassed his neighbours has been given a restraining order.

Ivor David Keighley, 68, of Elm Grove, Shelf, was given the restraining after deliberately causing a nuissance.

Keighley deliberately revved a vehicle engine for up to forty minutes a day, purposely set of his burglar alarm to cause disruption to the victims and banged on the door of his neighbours’ property, the court heard.

Keighley was charged at Calderdale Magistrates’ Court for harassment without violence with a restraining order for tweleve months. The conditions of the restraining order entail that Keighley must not enter his neighbours’ premises, contact them or undertake any act of harassment towards them.

The court heard the accusations of harassment could date back to 2010.

Keighley was suffering from mental health problems that were not being treated at the time, but is now on regular medication, the court heard.