New raid by cash snatcher

DETECTIVES are searching for a bag snatcher who knocked an elderly woman to the floor.

They are linking the attack in Brighouse on Monday to a similar incident earlier this month.

The 80-year-old woman answered a knock on her door at her home in Whinney Hill Park.

She was asked by a man if she could change a £10 note. But when she picked up her handbag, the man grabbed it, knocking her to the floor.

She was taken to Calderdale Royal Hospital with a fractured hip and was kept in for surgery.

Detectives are linking the theft to a wallet snatch in the same area on September 17.

At about 2.30pm, an 85-year-old man received a knock on his front door from a man claiming to be taking part in a charity bike ride.

But when the pensioner went into his house for his wallet, the young man grabbed the wallet and fled.