New Year message from police chief

Mark Burns Williamson
Mark Burns Williamson

West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has set out his priorities for 2014.

Mark Burns Williamson said the year would bring huge challenges with cuts to the police budget of nearly one-third resulting in £154 million of savings needed by 2016/17.

But, he said safer neighbourhoods with more visible policing and more integrated partnership working were goals for the New Year.

Also, providing greater support for victims and providing more opportunities for volunteers are areas he would focus on.

He said the challenges posed by financial cuts meant policing is changing with everybody working on intervention and crime prevention together, and police resources being focused on catching criminals and detecting crime.

“The eight policing divisions across West Yorkshire have become five, streamlined to share boundaries with local council areas, and with more technology used remotely it will mean your bobbies and PCSO’s are where you want them, out and about on the beat,” said Mr Burns Williamson.

“A new victim’s code will see an improved service provided to victims and witnesses in West Yorkshire with their needs at the heart of the way support is provided.

“We are also planning to recruit approximately 1,000 Special Constables in the New Year, a role vital to effective policing.”