Nine years for knife attacker

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A man who was stabbed five times in the neck was only a millimetre away from death, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Peter Zulevic, 32, was left covered in blood from “head to toe” as he fled the crazed attack which was carried out by his friend Karel Novotny last December.

Mr Zulevic, a Czech national, had to undergo surgery following the violence at his home in Moorend Road, Pellon, Halifax.

Bradford Crown Court heard that if one of the wounds had been a millimetre deeper or a millimetre either side it could have cut his jugular vein or carotid artery.

Prosecutor Timothy Capstick said the doctor’s opinion was that such a wound would have caused bleeding which would have been fatal.

The court heard how Mr Zulevic had helped his fellow Czech with money in the past, but when he refused to give him more than £20 the 54-year-old grabbed a kitchen knife and attacked him.

Mr Capstick said the victim also suffered a fractured eye socket during the incident and since the attack he had had nightmares and flashbacks.

He said the complainant eventually managed to push the defendant away and he ran to a neighbour’s property across the road.

Mr Capstick said the neighbours described Mr Zulevic as “literally covered from head to toe in blood”.

Novotny, who was seen standing outside the house, simply went back in and closed the curtains. When he was arrested by police he claimed that his friend was already injured and bleeding when he arrived at the house.

Novotny, of Milton Terrace, Halifax, was originally charged with attempted murder, but he was jailed for nine years after his guilty plea to an alternative charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC told Novotny: “On the 27th of December 2011 you went to the home of Mr Zulevic and there you were again offered by way of gift money.

“For reasons that are not clear you were dissatisfied with Mr Zulevic’s generosity. You wanted more of his money.

“When he refused you lost complete control of yourself and attacked your friend with a knife seized in your friend’s home.

“Mr Zulevic himself cannot understand the violence you used and thought at the time you had gone mad. The attack was crazed and sustained and appalling.”

Novotny now faces being deported following his sentence.