Number of sex offenders in Calderdale revealed as region sees sharp rise in figures


Protecting the public from sex offenders is a top priority, police chiefs have pledged after a a sharp rise in the number of perverts living in the region.

West Yorkshire Police has seen a 50 per cent increase in the number of registered sex offenders (RSOs) over the last five years.

Darren Minton

Darren Minton

In West Yorkshire, there are now 2,653 RSOs living in the district, more than 60 per cent of whom have been convicted of an offence against a child. That’s compared to 1,767 recorded in 2012.

According to the data, and there are 227 living in Calderdale.

The sex offenders register, established by the Sex Offenders Act 1997, requires convicted sex offenders to register with the police upon their release to ensure they are monitored.

While those sentenced to more than 30 months after committing a sexual offence must sign the register for life, police say advances in technology and more successful prosecutions have been a key contributor to the alarming rise.

Superintendent Darren Minton, head of safeguarding at the force, said: “In many cases when offenders are subject to statutory registration as a sex offender, they remain so for many years and sometimes for life.

“As a result the number of people on the register will tend to increase year on year.

“It must also be stressed that protecting the public from sexual and violent offenders is at the heart of everything we do, and combatting sexual offending remains a force priority.”

Ten sex offenders in West Yorkshire are currently missing, and three are known to have fled the country, the figures revealed.

The force also recorded nearly 100 breaches of the offenders’ order requirements over the last two years.

In total, the figures show there are around 5,000 sex offenders recorded as living in Yorkshire.

For West Yorkshire, some 400 are living in Wakefield, and there are 500 in Kirklees. Bradford has 610 sex offenders.