Off-duty PCSO helps boy mugged in Halifax town centre

PCSO Thomas Taylor.
PCSO Thomas Taylor.

An off-duty PCSO said he had to act when he saw an 11-year-old boy being robbed in Halifax town centre.

PCSO Thomas Taylor saw the boy enter a passageway between The Woolshops sand Gaol Lane. A female grabbed hold of the boy and swept his legs from under him, causing caused him to drop his phone, and a second female picked up the phone.

PCSO Taylor, who lives in Halifax but works in Huddersfield, checked the victim was OK before running after the women. He caught up with them on Well Lane, Halifax, and managed to recover the phone.

“I couldn’t just stand back and watch. I have seen the boy since and his mum and they are very grateful.”

PCSO Taylor has received a commendation for his actions.