Pervert watches Chinese Olympic swimmers undress from Leeds sports centre toilet cubicle

A serial pervert spied on China’s Olympic swimmers from a toilet cubicle after sneaking into the women’s changing rooms at a Leeds sports centre, the Yorkshire Evening Post reported today.

The athletes – in the city to train for London 2012 – were shocked to spot Declan Crosbie, of Lea Farm Place in Kirkstall, Leeds, watching them as they undressed at Leeds University’s The Edge centre.

When staff knocked on the toilet door, Crosbie replied in a high-pitched voice.

The 25-year-old, who is already on the Sex Offender Register, then ran off, with his flies undone, to evade capture.

Leeds Magistrates’ Court heard the incident happened less than a week after China’s athletes arrived in the city and when normal security arrangements were not in place.

Prosecutor Karen Williams said: “Three female members reported they had seen a male looking over a cubicle at them.”

Staff went to investigate. Miss Williams said: “When they approached and challenged him he answered in a woman’s voice.”

Crosbie was later arrested.

The court heard he had a history of spying on women for sexual gratification. In 2005 he was convicted of harassment and voyeurism after climbing onto a roof to film a woman showering.

He has other voyeurism convictions for spying on women getting changed at a leisure centre.

In 2009 he was sentenced to three years in prison for trespassing with intent to commit a sexual offence after sneaking into a student house in Headingley to watch one of the female occupants sleeping on a sofa with her trousers pulled down.

Crosbie admitted trespassing with intent to commit a sexual offence in relation to Friday’s incident when he appeared in court yesterday.

He will be sentenced at Leeds Crown Court at a later date.

A university spokeswoman said: “When this incident occurred the athletes from the Olympic team were not booked in for a training session at the sports centre, so the highest level of security which is reserved for when athletes are training was not active.

“Nonetheless, the intruder was detected, identified and subsequently arrested.

“The sports centre is used by staff, students and members of the public, and fortunately this type of event is very rare.

“However, we will of course be reviewing our security to see whether there is anything else we need to do to protect our users.”