Pharmacist banned from getting behind the wheel after driving dangerously on Halifax to Todmorden road.

A pharmacist has been banned from getting behind a wheel after driving dangerously on his way to a wedding.

Aamer Ayub, 29, had his mum with him in a Mercedes when he cut-up another motorist after overtaking him on Burnley Road between Halifax and Todmorden last September, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Over a 10-mile route, Ayub was said to have carried out other dangerous manoeuvres including overtaking on the brow of a hill, crossing the white lines on the road and overtaking a convoy of vehicles on the approach to to a blind right hand bend.

Ayub, of Broomfield Avenue, Halifax, had denied a charge of dangerous driving, but was convicted by a jury last month.

Judge Peter Benson said he was not going to jail Ayub because happily no one had been seriously injured or killed as a result of his driving that Saturday morning.

He said he had also taken account of Ayub’s exemplary previous good character in deciding to impose a 12-month community order which included a requirement to do 200 hours unpaid work. Ayub will also be banned from driving for the next two years. Ayub will also have to pay £3,200 costs.

For Ayub, Soheil Khan, said an interim driving ban imposed after Ayub’s conviction had already hampered his ability to work as a locum pharmacist and he was extremely fearful about the possible loss of his livelihood. He said since the trial, his client had come to terms with his “stupid actions” and had expressed remorse for what he did.

Judge Benson said he did not know what had possessed Ayub to behave as he did that day.

PC Cameron Buchan, from the Western Area Roads Policing Unit, said: “Seeing or suffering bad or dangerous driving seems almost to be a fact of life nowadays, with many people choosing not to report the matter to police.

“Traffic collisions often are the result of this manner of driving, where persons are injured, property damaged, roads need to be closed and emergency service personnel required to attend.

“This matter involved the main ‘Valley Road’ between Halifax and Todmorden - a very busy and important route. The potential disruption this man could have caused, including calamity to any innocent persons involved, would have been significant.”