Plea from Brighouse police inspector to help cut crime by locking up

Inspector Mohammed Nawaz
Inspector Mohammed Nawaz

Police are urging people to help them cut burglaries by taking time to lock up their homes.

Inspector Mohammed Nawaz, who leads the Lower Valley neighbourhood policing team, said six people have been arrested in connection with break-ins in the Brighouse area.

He said his team have managed to cut crime but he is “a little bit frustrated” with the crimes that have happened in the last couple of weeks.

“We have had eight burglaries,” he said. “Some of them are where people have left windows open, there are insecure doors and entry is gained by keys that have been left in sight.

“With the limited resources we have, we do need the support of residents.

“I need them to start looking at the security of their own houses. If people need a crime prevention survey, contact us and we will get a police community support office out to advise you about that and how to improve it.”

He said people are also leaving valuable goods on show in their cars and leaving them unlocked.

“There are criminals that are going from car to car trying their handles and if any are insecure, taking what is inside of them,” he said.

“People need to make sure they are locking their vehicles and remove any belongings or put them out of sight where they cannot be seen.”

He added being part of a Neighbourhood Watch group is a way of helping police cut crime.

“I want these people to be our eyes and ears,” he said. “I can not put a bobby on every street, I just don’t have the resources. It is about that community spirit and looking after each other and reporting anything suspicious.”

To find out more call Brighouse Police Station on 01484 405251 and ask to speak to a member of the neighbourhood policing team.