Plea to keep dogs on leads in open moorland


The Calderdale Wildlife Officer is urging dog walkers to keep their dogs on a lead or under close control when walking in open moorland.

The call comes after a number of complaints from landowners and gamekeepers about dogs worrying livestock and causing great distress to a number of ground nesting birds and water fowl.

Wildlife Officer Phil Sanderson, said: “If dogs are not under control and worry livestock then Farmers and Landowners are within their rights to take action against the animal. This could include shooting it which is obviously very distressing and unfortunate for all concerned.

“Owners can also face prosecution if their dog disturbs or kills birds. Ground nesting birds and water fowl are particularly vulnerable.

“And with the current spell of warm and sunny weather walkers and campers are reminded, now more than ever, not to light fires on the open moor which can have unintended and devastating consequences.”