Police action to combat speed


Police action is likely to be taken in several areas of Calderdale in a bid to combat speeding.

Calderdale Council’s speed indication device highlights a number of areas have a speeding problem.

Among them is Saddleworth Road at Barkisland and the A646 Halifax Road in Todmorden. The 85th percentile is a standard measure used by the Highway Authority and the police in connection with assessment of speeds along a road.

All the roads are 30mph limits and the results were gathered in May.

Other areas of concern are Gibbet Street, Halifax, and Parkinson Lane, Halifax, where police action is also likely. Both roads were in 20mph speed zones but the average speed was closer to 30mph.

Further Sid deployment is likely at Oldham Road at Rishworth and Back Clough at Northowram where the speed limit is 30mph.