Police hand out fines to drivers in Brighouse, Hipperholme and Elland ignoring signs and risking lives

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MORE than 65 fines have been slapped on drivers who police say are putting lives at risk by ignoring road signs.

Officers from the Lower Valley neighbourhood policing team handed out the £30 penalties in less than a month to drivers in Brighouse, Elland, Hove Edge and Hipperholme.

Inspector Mohammed Nawaz, who leads the team, said: “These restrictions are in place for a reason and they are clearly signposted.

“Someone who lives on a one-way street, for example, might be walking along the pavement with their child and look in the direction they expect the traffic to come from. But if a car is coming from the wrong direction they are placed in a potentially dangerous situation.

“Although we have spent a bit of time on enforcement action, it is not as if we have had to wait hours and hours to spot people breaking the laws. It’s almost as if motorists are queuing up and waiting to be issued with the ticket.”