Police issue warning over deadly ecstasy pills

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Police have issued a warning to drug users following the circulation of a batch so-called ‘superman ecstasy’ which has been linked to the recent deaths of four people in Suffolk and Shropshire.

While there is no specific intelligence to suggest the drugs are being sold in West Yorkshire, police forces’ across the country are advising drug users of the dangers associated with this particular batch of ecstasy, which comes in the form of a red tablet featuring a Superman ‘S’ logo design.

Bryan Dent, West Yorkshire Police’s Drugs Coordinator, said: “Provisional forensic tests from the Suffolk investigation indicates the tablets that led to the deaths contained a particularly harmful and dangerous ingredient (PMMA). This is more likely than usual to cause harm or even death to anyone taking the drug.

“Users of any drug can never be really sure of the contents of anything they take but with ecstasy, which is a class A drug meaning it’s illegal to possess and supply, the potential health issues are very real and potentially fatal.”

Anyone with information about ecstasy, and in particular any batch with a superman logo on it, are asked to contact Crimestoppers, which can be done anonymously and in confidence, on: 0800 555 111 or by calling their local neighbourhood policing team via: 101.