Police purge on anti-social behaviour

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Police are getting on their bikes as part of the continued clampdown on anti-social behaviour.

Two off road bikes have been loaned to the Tong and Wyke neighbourhood policing team by Bradford Council for six months, allowing officers to increase the pressure on nuisnace quad and bike riders.

Summer is traditionally a time when reports of their illegal use increases.

Sergeant Claire Patterson of the Tong and Wyke Neighbourhood Policing Team says the use of the bikes will increase the focus on offenders. “If we hear from the community that there are individuals illegally riding off road bikes or quads we can quickly respond using these bikes.

“This increased capability allows us to access unmade paths, tracks and open land whilst complementing our existing patrols.

“The anti social use of bikes and quads can have significant impact on the quality of life for local residents and can also result in damage to the environment.

“We are not prepared to accept this and we are working extremely closely with partners such as Bradford Council to combat the problem.

“Not only does it enable us to target the offenders, the new bikes also make it easier for the Neighbourhood Policing Team to keep in touch with residents, discussing any concerns they may have.”

Inspector Andrew Addy of the Tong and Wyke NPT added: “This is an excellent example of partnership working and joint neighbourhood management and will allow us to more pro-actively tackle those selfish individuals who blight our communities.”

Wyke Ward Councillor Sarah Ferriby said: “The Partnership approach to tackling anti-social and disruptive behaviour is paramount to our communities. The provision of two off road Bikes by the Council is an outstanding example of partnerships working for the benefit of our communities, which I am fully supportive and encourage.

“This will enable the Neighbourhood Policing Teams to carry out work in difficult to access areas within Wyke and neighbouring Wards.”

Tong Ward Councillor Alan Wainwright said: “If riders of quads and bikes are ridden legally and sensibly there are no issues. This continued partnership working will ensure that this is the case. But for those who choose to cause nuisance or are riding machines illegally, the message is clear. It will not be tolerated and expect your machine to be seized and potentially crushed.”

If anyone has concerns in their area, we would ask them to contact their local Neighbourhood Policing Team through the non emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555 111.