Police sniff out drugs by pong from letter box

A 31-year-old man who admitted helping to water cannabis plants at a terraced house in Sowerby Bridge has been jailed for nine months.

Trevor Crossland was arrested by police in September last year after they smelled the drug coming from the letterbox at the property on Industrial Way.

Bradford Crown Court heard how officers found a drugs “harvest’’ of just over one kilogram in a laundry basket with a further eight plants being cultivated upstairs in a specially-adapted room.

It included lighting equipment, reflective sheeting and ventilation equipment.

The court was told that the set-up also included the use of timer switches, air filters and a water cleaning system.

Prosecutor Peter Hampton explained that although only a modest number of plants were being grown they were doing so well that the predicted yield was well in excess of that normally expected.

He told the court that the eight plants could have produced more than two-and-a-half kilos of cannabis which would have been worth an estimated £24,000.

Officers also found the stumps of another eight plants in pots which suggested there had been an earlier crop.

Mr Hampton said the cannabis found in the laundry basket could have been part of that earlier harvest and it was estimated to be worth a further £8,742.

The court heard Crossland, of Sutcliffe Street, Pellon, Halifax, was a former cannabis user.

He pleaded guilty to being involved in the production of the cannabis on the basis that he had used his skills as a plasterer to fills gaps in some of the insulation material and had later helped to regularly water the plants.

The court heard he had initially gone to house to buy cannabis for himself and barrister Nikki Peers said her client would not have been involved in the onward supply of the drug.

The court heard that another man had been involved in the cannabis factory, but he had never been traced.

Judge Peter Benson said the offence involved the production of cannabis on a commercial scale for great profit and he had no alternative but to jail Crossland immediately for his role.