Police step up fight against burglars as dark nights draw in

A NEW push to beat burglars is under way in Calderdale.

Break-in hotspots will see more high-visibility patrols and known offenders will be tackled during the crackdown.

Neighbourhood policing officers are also pairing up with roads policing teams to check vehicles coming in and out of Calderdale from Huddersfield and Bradford.

They will be using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, which detect any vehicles that are uninsured or unlicensed.

Detective Inspector Gary Stephenson, from Calderdale CID, said: “ANPR is a fantastic tool and the message to those tempted to travel to commit crime is that we are finding you out and we will be taking you off our roads.

“Tackling burglary is a priority for us all year round, but at this time of year there is traditionally an increase in the number of burglaries with the onset of the darker nights and the clocks turning back.

“Often people are not home from work until a couple of hours after it has got dark. The simple precaution of using lights and timer switches can make the difference between your home being targeted by burglars or being left alone.

“We will be doing everything we can to try and prevent burglaries by using intelligence led policing to target those who are actively committing crime, but we also need householders to work with us by taking our advice on board and not leaving their homes in darkness.

“I would also encourage people to be a good neighbour and keep an eye out on other homes in your street. If you see anything suspicious, call the police.”

The police say crime is falling, with 300 less thefts since April this year than during the same period year before.

The number of house break-ins is down by 25 offences, and the number of thefts of and from vehicles is down by 270 offences.

Their other advice to residents is, if possible, to lock vehicles away in garages, remove all valuables from cars, always close and lock windows and doors, keep plants and hedges trimmed and illuminate the dark corners of your premises.