Police unit seize uninsured McLaren supercar with no front number plate

Police have seized a McLaren supercar after its driver broke road rules.

Friday, 23rd April 2021, 7:30 pm
Updated Monday, 26th April 2021, 9:12 am

The driver of the car did not have insurance and was also driving without a front number plate.

The West Yorkshire Road's Policing Unit shared photos of the McLaren, including one of it being towed away.

They posted to Twitter: "Please remember to ensure your new McLaren has a front plated fitted by the dealer and then make sure that you are insured to drive it off the forecourt. #OpsSupport #team3 #seized"

The seized Mclaren (Picture West Yorkshire Police)

All cars on the road are required to display registrations at both the front and rear of the vehicle.

It is also illegal to re-arrange the letters or obscure a number plate rendering it hard to read.

The rules are intended to ensure that all number plates meet the UK’s regulations, so they can be read by automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras.

There are strict rules governing the correct display of registration plates, according to the RAC.

For example, a private number plate must: be made from reflective material

display black characters on a white background on the front plate

display black characters on a yellow background on the rear plate

not have a background pattern

not have an altered font or spacing

not make your car seem younger than it is

As of January 1, 2021, fitting GB EU flag plates is prohibited due to Brexit. UK vehicles must also show a GB oval when travelling overseas.

As of December last year, green plates can also be added to new or existing Zero Emission Vehicles.