Police vow to prosecute drivers who reversed on M62

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Police are studying CCTV and following up several calls after impatient drivers tried to avoid long tailbacks on the M62 on Tuesday teatime.

A lorry fire led to congestion stretching over nine miles and long delays on the M62 westbound through Calderdale.

The disruption resulted in many drivers making dangerous manoeuvres which included reversing on the hard shoulder and down slip roads.

Road traffic Sgt Richard Lyon said the action of drivers prompted a glut of calls and drivers will be prosecuted for traffic offences.

“We did catch a lot of drivers ourselves when we got through and we have got follow-up inquiries in relation to CCTV and public complaints,” he said.

Officers are determined to clamp down on bad driving when delays hit the M62.

“I know it’s a pain when stuck, but drivers should not be tempted to do something dangerous,” said Sgt Lyon.

Traffic PC Cameron Buchan said prosecutions are into double figures and the investigation would be helped by downloading the Highways Agency CCTV recordings.

“For every single vehicle that can be identified we will be pursuing prosecution,” he said.

“To reverse on a motorway is incredibly dangerous and some drivers turned around completely.

“However much they try to justify it, it’s never going to be enough.”