Police warning to motorists after traffic lights failure at busy Halifax junction

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West Yorkshire Police are warning motorists to take care when going through main junctions when there are signalling problems.

The warning comes after a number of minor accidents yesterday at King Cross, Halifax.

Nobody is believed to have been injured in the accidents, but a police spokesperson has warned drivers to take care when passing through.

Calderdale Highways were working on the problem from 11am to rectify the situation, however a RTC took place at 3.45pm

Police would like to remind drivers of the highway code requirements when negotiating a traffic light junction and the lights are not working and to treat the junction as a multi-give-way.

One vehicle in the RTC allegedly did not do that. It drove into the junction and collided with another vehicle crossing their path.

Thankfully, there were no injuries and all parties were just shaken up.

However, the incident caused significant congestion to the main roads of Calderdale around the junction, but no further collision were reported.

PC Cameron Buchan of the Western Area Roads Policing Unit said: “This junction is tricky to negotiate when the lights are working, so required significant patience and concentration.

“Faults can occur and Calderdale acted quickly to investigate and rectify the fault. We all want to get on our journey, but must be mindful of how to deal with faulty traffic lights as per highway code, so we can all continue our journeys safely.”