Prison for 18-year-old petty thief

WHJ Smiths, Halifax.
WHJ Smiths, Halifax.

A persistent petty thief who said he stole because he had spent all his money over Christmas was given a custodial sentence.

Lewis Williams, 18, of Woodlands Grove, Boothtown, entered W H Smith, Halifax, on December 27 and “clumsily” stole £40 worth of DVD’s.

Prosecution Kathryn Pritters told Calderdale Magistrates’ Williams was seen by security officers stuffing DVD’s up his jumper. Upon leaving the store, the defendant was stopped and the stolen goods were recovered.

Mitigation Mark Newell said the crime was “the hallmarks of a clumsy thief.”

Williams pleaded guilty to the theft, breach of a previous conditional discharge for a theft offence and guilty to breach of bail.

Mr Newell said: “This is a youthful and immature 18-year-old struggling to adjust with being an adult and lacking focus and direction.”

Magistrates’ sent the defendant who “hadn’t seemed to have learnt his lesson” to prison for eight weeks.