Pure evil of ‘Uncle Bob’ - 16 years for monster from Halifax who preyed on sisters

Robert Perkins
Robert Perkins

A BABY-SITTER known as “Uncle Bob” sexually attacked three young sisters, a court heard.

Today Robert Perkins, 65, is in jail at the start of a 16-year sentence.

The pervert, who raped one of the girls as she slept, was described by a judge as “pure evil.”

Perkins, of Richmond Road, Pellon, Halifax, assaulted the girls for four years after grooming them with sweets and money.

He would regularly babysit for the three – aged between seven and 12 at the time of the attacks – while their mother was at work.

He was so trusted by the family they referred to him as Uncle Bob.

But behind closed doors he was grooming the innocent youngsters for his vile abuse.

Bradford Crown Court heard Perkins would sleep on the sofa when he babysat – but the girls would wake in the morning to find him in their room.

They knew he was abusing each of them but they would pretend to be asleep.

The eldest sister described letting him touch her in the hope he would then leave her sisters alone.

Perkins’ crimes came to light in 2009 when one of the sisters began seeing him when she moved to the same area.

She told police he would touch her while touching himself and pretend it was a tickling game.

She told police he smelt disgusting with bad breath, body odour and greasy hair.

Transcripts from the interview read out in court told how the girls did not know how to deal with it at the time or the significance of what he was doing.

Perkins had told the girls not to tell anyone because they wouldn’t believe them and also said he would kill them.

Extracts from victim impact statements from each of the sisters were read out in court.

One of them suffered alapecia because of the stress and all three say they struggle with relationships and a great deal of emotional problems.

It wasn’t until 2011 that the other two sisters were ready to speak to police about what had happened to them.

Perkins was arrested in  2011 and made admissions including highlighting offences the police weren’t aware of.

Stephen Wood, defending, said Perkins told police officers who came to arrest him that he had been waiting for the knock on the door for some time.

Mr Wood said: “Nothing that I say seeks, in any way, to minimise what was a profound and long lasting impact on each of the victims lives.”

Perkins couldn’t explain why he had done what he had and the court heard he had no previous convictions for sexual offences.

Perkins pleaded guilty to 18 counts of sexual assault and one count of rape.

His Honour Judge Durham Hall sentenced him to 16 years in prison. The judge said: “You groomed these children - gave them sweets and money. What was a game was aimed at breaking barriers to some extent but the children’s conest was never your concern.

“You did it for reasons of pure evil and self-gratification.”

Perkins will also be placed on the sex offenders’ resgister.

Temporary Detective Inspector Ian Lawrance, of Operation Topaz, said: “Perkins was in a position of trust but over a prolonged period of time he completely abused that position.

“It has taken a great deal of courage for the victims in this case to re-live the ordeals they have faced and we hope that they feel reassured by the sentence.”