Racist shouted abuse at policeman

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A MAN racially abused a police officer, a court heard.

Ashley Allinson, of Byram Street, Pellon, admitted abusing the asian officer on July 2.

Police were called to Ovenden Way to deal with a disturbance not involving Allinson.

However, officers saw him shouting and swearing with his fists clenched towards a community support officer.

He was later seen walking down the middle of Ovenden Way and refused to move out of the road.

Officers knocked the 19-year-old to the floor and handcuffed him at which point he shouted abuse at the officer.

Allinson pleaded guilty, at Calderdale Magistrates Court, to a charge of using racially aggravated threatening, abusive or insulting words.

Magistrates handed him a conditional discharge for 12 months.