Racist yob abused police officers

A woman has been fined after racially abusing a police officer.

Emma Mason, 30, of Grove Drive, Ovenden, pleaded not guilty to a racially aggravated public order offence at Calderdale Magistrates Court.

However, she failed to attend her trial on July 10 and was found guilty in her absence.

She had been arrested in May and taken to Halifax Police Station, Richmond Close, where she was being aggressive towards officers.

Magistrates heard how Mason had to be restrained for nearly two hours by a number of officers.

She has initially been placed on her won in aholding cell but had been attempting to bang her head off the walls.

As she was pinned to the floor to stop the self harming Mason screamed racial abuse at a female officer.

She shouted: “Get that off me,” and made constnat references to the colour of the officer’s skin.

Magistrates heard she was hevaily in drink at the time of the offence.

She was put in custody for 28 days for bail act offences and fined £305.