Rapist babysitter’s sentence slashed

Monster: Robert 'Uncle Bob' Perkins
Monster: Robert 'Uncle Bob' Perkins

An evil rapist who sexually attacked three sisters he babysat for has had his sentence slashed by four years.

Robert Perkins, 65, known as Uncle Bob, was jailed for 16 years last month after a court heard he had raped one of the young girls as she slept.

He admitted a series of sex abuse charges against the siblings, but yesterday Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC reduced his sentence to 12 years.

Perkins, of Richmond Road, Pellon, Halifax, sexually abused the girls after grooming them with sweets and money.

He told them nobody would believe them and he would kill them if they told anyone.

The original sentence was made up of four, five and seven year consecutive jail terms, but the judge said the four-year term should have been concurrent.