Reveller punched and smashed pub jukebox


A 20-year-old man admitted to smashing up a Halifax pub jukebox while drunk when he appeared in court charged with criminal damage.

Ryan Louis Trueman-Smith, of Woodside Terrace, Boothtown, Halifax, represented himself before Calderdale magistrates.

The court was told that the offence had occurred on December 27 last year at around 2.50am and that the defendant was part of a small group that were drinking in Cookies Bar.

Trueman-Smith punched a jukebox at the bar hard with his fist, the court heard, causing the glass screen to crack and smash before the defendant made a hurried exit.

The court was told that CCTV clearly showed the defendant punching the music machine for “no apparent reason with significant force,” stated prosecutor Lisa Beadle.

Eventually realising that he was in the wrong, the defendant returned to the bar and offered to pay the damages, but was told the matter was now in the hands of the police.

Miss Beadle said: “He accepted that he’d punched the jukebox and cut his hand. He accepted that the jukebox was in good working order before he punched and damaged it and that he was responsible for the damage.”

The defendant told the court that he’d punched the machine - resulting in damage worth £492 - because he was “stupid and drunk and angry”.

He was fined £75, ordered to pay £85 in prosecution costs, a victim surcharge of £20 plus the original cost of damage in compensation.

Chair of magistrates Linda Rogan said: “They’re allowing you to be in there at ten to three in the morning drinking - you can’t wreck the equipment.”

The court heard that Trueman-Smith still owed £105 issued as a result of a previous drunk and disorderly fixed penalty.