Revellers urged to have a safe Mad Friday in Calderdale

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Police have pledged to crackdown on any rowdy revellers who get involved in disorder through booze in Calderdale this Mad Friday.

As people gear up for what is traditionally one of the busiest nights of the year for pubs, bars and clubs, officers say they will be out in force and will not tolerate any drink-related disorder or fighting.

They say there will be extra police patrols in Halifax town centre, while specialist units will also be available to respond to calls about domestic violence.

As part of the police’s Be Safe campaign, police and volunteers will be providing advice and anti-drink spiking devices.

The campaign, running throughout December, also sees officers warning residents about the dangers of becoming involved in violent or dangerous behaviour.

Police usually see an increase in emergency calls of around 20 per cent over the last nights out before Christmas, with the majority of 999 calls in an evening turning out to be linked to alcohol-fuelled disorder or injury.

Emergency call levels rose by five per cent on last year’s Mad Friday compared to the average for a Friday night.

The police’s advice for revellers to stay safe include planning ahead and making sure you know how you will get home, making sure your mobile is charged and has credit, drink in moderation and take your drink with you wherever you go to prevent it being spiked.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark McManus said: “With the Christmas party season now in full swing those using the night time economy can be assured substantial numbers of extra police officers are now patrolling at key times around bars and clubs to help improve safety.

“Those who use alcohol as an excuse of disorder and fighting can also be assured they will be spotted swiftly and they will be arrested and face spending the end of their night in a cell at the very least.

“Officers will not tolerate drunken displays of idiocy which cause fear for both those working and other customers.

“We are also all aware of how drunken brawls can quickly turn far more serious with potentially life-changing consequences for both the victim and the aggressor as well so if you are in a situation where you think there may be trouble then don’t get involved and leave.

“If you are going out a few simple precautions such as booking a taxi home in advance, keeping an eye on your drink and watching how much alcohol you consume can all help ensure you have a safer evening while making the most of the party season.”