Road show highlights child sexual exploitation

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A road show hits Calderdale on August 15 to highlight the issues of Child Sexual Exploitation.

It starts tomorrow (Tue) in Leeds and is run by the police and partner agencies across West Yorkshire.

The road-show forms part of the ongoing force-wide campaign entitled “Know the Signs.”

Exhibition vehicles will be positioned in towns and city centres and a video played on a big screen at each location.

West Yorkshire Police Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Ingrid Lee said: “We are proactively approaching our communities to tell them about child sexual exploitation and exactly what it entails.

“Together with our partners we will be visiting prominent locations in every district, providing literature upon the tell tale signs.

“Some of these offences are occurring at street level and by telling people what to look out for, we can encourage their awareness.

“In doing so, our aim is to further increase the reporting of this crime and subsequently confront the perpetrators.

“It is also an opportunity for members of the public to approach our exhibition vans and speak to an officer or a professional on the subject.

“They will be on hand to answer any questions on a personal basis or organise an appointment elsewhere and at a future date.

“By bringing the discussion of child sexual exploitation into our towns and cities, we can access a significant cross section of people and increase their understanding.”

Potential indicators of child sexual exploitation are listed at http//