‘Sham’ marriage brother faces conspiracy charge

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A security worker accused of being involved in his younger brother’s sham marriage has told a jury he only attended the ceremony because he was made to feel guilty.

Bride-to-be Ewelina Piotrowska, 23 and her intended husband Nahid Chaudhray, 31, were arrested at Calderdale Register Office when police arrived shortly before their ceremony began in March.

Polish woman Piotrowska, of Shepley Street, Wakefield, and Chaudhray have admitted being part of a conspiracy to breach immigration laws so that the Pakistani national could obtain a right to remain in this country, but three other men have denied the same offence.

Chaudhray’s brother Saeed Akhtar, 34, began giving evidence to Bradford Crown Court and explained that he did not have a good relationship with either Chaudhray or his other brother Jam Roze. Father-of-two Akhtar, of Hammond Street, Halifax, denied using his details to sponsor Chaudhray on a visa application in 2006 and he told the jury his younger brother was someone who never took advice from anyone else.

Akhtar said he only found out about the ceremony two or three days before but his brother made him feel guilty and he decided to go. He did not think it was a sham.

Akhtar, who was arrested in possession of two rings, is on trial alongside 34-year-old Kamran Qamar and 42-year-old Mohammed Akhtar.

Mohammed Akhtar, of Darnoy Street, Wakefield, and Qamar, of Westfield Place, Halifax, all deny the conspiracy allegation.

Roze, 43, of Cedar Street, Halifax, pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge earlier this week.