Shelf couple who lived the high life ordered to pay back over £300,000

Julie Nickerson
Julie Nickerson

A couple who spent their ill-gotten gains on a luxury house, expensive holidays and even film and television memorabilia have been ordered to repay more than £330,000 by a judge.

In May Julie Nickerson, 55, was jailed for five years for stealing more than £2 million from her employers JLA Limited and her husband Anthony, 48, was locked up for 30 months for laundering just under £1 million of the stolen cash.

Anthony Nickerson

Anthony Nickerson

The couple, formerly of Wade House Road, Shelf, were back in the dock together at Bradford Crown Court for a hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act to reclaim some of the stolen cash from their available assets.

In June an auction of memorabilia from iconic films and television shows such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and Thunderbirds was reported to have raised about £25,000 and cash from the sell-off was included in confiscation orders made against the pair by Judge Robert Bartfield.

After discussions about the precise details of the couple’s current assets prosecutor Rebecca Young told the judge that Julie Nickerson’s benefit figure from criminal conduct had been assessed at just over £1.4 million pounds while her husband’s benefit amount was put at £925,000.

Under the terms of the confiscation orders Julie Nickerson, who is now bankrupt, will have to pay back a total of £209,753.58, and Anthony Nickerson will have to hand over £120,794.71.

It is understood that the available assets include money raised from the auction sale, the sale of Anthony Nickerson’s newsagents business, the couple’s pension funds and money seized by police at the time of the investigation.

Miss Young asked for the confiscated cash, which has to be handed over in the next three months, to be paid back to laundry equipment firm JLA Ltd as compensation.

Judge Bartfield agreed to make the compensation order and he told Julie Nickerson that she would have to serve a further two years behind bars if the money was not paid back.

The judge said Anthony Nickerson would face an extra 15 months in prison if he did not comply with the order in his case.

The couple were led from the dock at the end of the hearing to continue serving their prison sentences.