Shocking figures reveal children present at more than 25% of domestic abuse incidents

Domestic abuse figures in Calderdale
Domestic abuse figures in Calderdale

Repeat victims of domestic abuse remains a challenge in Calderdale and more than 25 per cent of incidents have a child present according to a report.

Police data for January 2017 shows that the year to date repeat victimisation rate for Calderdale is 42.9 per cent (higher than the West Yorkshire average of 41.7 per cent)

The overall rate of domestic abuse incidents recorded per 1000 population in Calderdale is 15.6 per cent - lower than the average rate for West Yorkshire.

Of the 3635 incidents recorded in Calderdale in the year to January 2017, 34.5 per cent had a child present.

An average 161 children per month are linked to Calderdale Domestic Abuse Hub referrals, and of this figure, an average of 77 were present during the incident.

The figures have been revealed in a report by Stuart Smith, the Council’s director of Adult and Children’s Services, to the Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Panel.

The report looks to inform the panel of the progress made in the approach taken by the Council and partners to tackle domestic abuse and to support children and young people affected.

The Chair of the Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Panel, Councillor Geraldine Carter, said: “We all want Calderdale to be a place where people feel safe, and it’s important that we look at the issue of domestic abuse and the impact that this can have on children.

“We will be looking at the progress that has been made in the support that is given to children and young people experiencing domestic abuse.

“For example we will discuss the benefits of the Domestic Abuse Hub, which has been established since 2016 and helps the Council, along with its partners, to intervene early in any incidents and prevent escalation or repeats.

“We will also discuss the work done in schools to support children who are experiencing domestic abuse at home and to help them to identify appropriate and inappropriate behaviours within relationships.”

The Domestic Abuse Strategic Board has identified the following priorities:

To reduce incidents of domestic abuse

To reduce percentage of repeat incidents of domestic abuse

To ensure the effective protection of adult and child victims