Sneak-in burglar takes laptop and handbag from Sowerby houses while occupants are inside

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A sneak-in burglar stole a laptop and a handbag from two properties in Sowerby whilst the occupants were inside.

Police have re-issued a safety warning following the incidents which took place on Dean Lane and Brooks Cottages between 8pm and 9pm on Sunday, October 19.

Even though both properties were occupied at the time, the opportunist male thief had entered through unlocked front doors and escaped with the laptop and handbag. The items have since been returned to its owners.

Police are working to identify the male suspect, but have warned residents to keep their doors and windows locked at all times.

A police spokesperson said: “Please do not underestimate how important it is to simply lock your doors on an evening, even when you are in your home. Also, please keep valuables and keys out of sight from prying eyes.

“It is possible this male had tried several doors last night before eventually finding two which were open.

“Thankfully, due to being disturbed, some of the property was retrieved and returned to the owners.”

The spokesperson said enquiries are ongoing.

Inspector David Shaw, of the Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “If anyone has any information in relation to these sneak-in burglaries then I’d urge them to contact us via 101 and we’ll look in to it.”