Speedsters caught in Calderdale police operations

Speed checks in Calderdale
Speed checks in Calderdale

Reckless drivers found speeding on the roads through Calderdale have been caught in two police operations

Following complaints by residents, officers from Calderdale Special Constabulary conducted speed enforcement work in the Ryburn area.

A number of motorists who were dealt with in different ways depending on the circumstances.

A total of six drivers were given verbal warnings given, five were reported and will either need to attend a speed awareness course or will receive a fine and points on their licence.

In addition one vehicle was found to have no MOT certificate and so the driver was issued a £100 fine.

Two drivers were also dealt with speeding offences during a police operation in Halifax.

Officers from the Halifax Neighbourhood policing team carried out the speed checks on more than 300 cars on October 26 between 5.30pm and 7pm in the areas of Bank Top, Southowram and Backhold Lane, Siddal.