Strangled and left victim blue and limp


A man who strangled a female victim and left her lying in a bush was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Liam Keane, 22, of Woodbrook Avenue, Halifax, at the time of the offence, was released on licence from a young offenders institute after armed raids on Brighouse proprietors in 2010.

Bradford Crown Court heard how Keane had argued with a female after both had been drinking together in April this year. An argument erupted at the defendant’s home, when the female fled the property, prosecution Michael Smith told the court.

As the screaming victim ran down the street she took refuge and hid in nearby gardens while Keane gave chase and searched for the female, shouting “you are going to die”, Mr Smith read out from the witness statement.

Keane caught his victim and the two were embroiled on the floor. Keane then put both hands around the victim’s neck and strangled her. Due to a lack of oxygen to her airways the woman turned blue and limp. The court then heard that he dragged the victim into a bush.

The court was then told that the victim recalls little between this point and regaining conscious in a pool of her own blood where a neighbour found her and called 999.

Keane fled from the scene, fearing the consequences of his actions, mitigation Paul Fleming told the court. Keane handed himself into police the following day. Initially denying any involvement, he admitted to the attack in his third statement saying that he had chased her and grabbed her when they fell to the floor. She was screaming and he wanted her to be quiet so he grabbed her by the throat to shock her so she would shut up. Keane told police ‘he knew he had done something bad when she went limp’.

The female suffered wounding to her head, damage to the eye, bruising and swelling to her brain. Since the attack, the court heard how the victim feels scared to go out.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall said that previous convictions aggravated the case. He acknowledged the witness for alerting themselves to the screaming and acting with citizen compassion in these ‘sad days’ where witnesses are too afraid to step forward.

Keane was sentenced to five years imprisonment after pleading guilty to attempting to inflict GBH with intent to inflict GBH.