Sufferer’s £3,500 stash of cannabis

AN ARTHRITIS sufferer has escaped prison despite being found with more than £3,000 of cannabis in his home.

On June 9 police searched the house of William Allan Cade, 64, at Backhold Drive, Siddal, Halifax.

They found three Tupperware tubs containing 400g of the class B drug.

They also found four cannabis plants, including one which had already cropped.

Upstairs they found a growing room including fans and lights and uncounted bundles of cash.

Cade told Calderdale magistrates he first tried cannabis while on holiday in Amsterdam in 2002. He discovered it provided more effective relief from the painful condition than his medication.

The condition had blighted his life and left him in such intense pain, he was unable to sleep.

In 2008 he was forced to quit his job working for a collection agency as the daily trips into and out of his car took their toll on his body.

He said he could only sleep when taking the drug.

Paul Manning, representing him, said: “He had previously been suffering from degenerative oesteo-arthritus and he noticed the cannabis he was using helped to relieve the pain which he suffers.”

The court heard for the next six years he continued to use cannabis.

Mr Manning said on one occasion he was mugged while buying the drug.

From then on he decided to start growing his own.

“It took up some considerable time to pluck up the courage to grow them.”

He listed the medical treatments including acupuncture, physiotherapy and manipulation.

“It always seemed that the best course of action to relieve the pain and help him sleep was the cannabis.”

“There’s nothing whatsoever that suggests that this was for anything other than to manage the condition,” said Mr Manning.

He said the bundles of money were left over from a car sale and from a lottery win.

Cade admitted producing and possessing Class B drugs.

Magistrates said they accepted he had only grown it for his own use and fined him £220 and told him to pay £85 costs.