Teacher must wait for his fate

A college tutor will be sentenced at Bradford Crown Court after being charged with burglary.

Damien Whittaker, 32, of Lentilfield Street, Ovenden, “lost control” after the death of his father and damaged property in a neighbour’s garage.

Whittaker, who teaches construction at Calderdale College, pleaded guilty to charges of burglary and criminal damage.

Calderdale Magistrates’ Court heard how Whittaker’s father, who he was extremely close to as a son and carer, died of a heart attack on September 4. This compounded Whittaker’s fragile mindset following the breakdown of his marriage earlier in the year.

Whittaker began drinking and headed over to a neighbour’s home with whom his father had a dispute, on September 11, at around midnight.

When there was no response from the neighbour he began trashing the garage causing £2,000 of damage.

The case was committed to Bradford Crown Court on October 25.