Teen attacked his great grandmother

A Brighouse teenager has admitted carrying out an attack on his own great grandmother.

The 17-year-old, who cannot be identified for legal reasons at this stage, appeared before a judge at Bradford Crown Court and pleaded guilty to the rarely used offence of attempting to choke, suffocate or strangle with intent to commit an offence of theft.

Although details of the case were not disclosed during the brief hearing at a previous court appearance it was alleged that the teenager had held a pillow over his elderly relative’s face.

The attack on the woman, who is in her 90s, took place in July this year.

The teenager pleaded not guilty to a related offence of robbery, but admitted an alternative charge of stealing £80 in cash from his relative.

The defendant also admitted stealing £80 from a man a fortnight earlier.

Prosecutor Ken Green told the court that the defendant’s pleas were acceptable and no evidence would be offered on the robbery matter.

Barrister Stephen Wood said his client had no previous convictions and a pre-sentence report was essential.

Due to the defendant’s age his case is expected to sentenced in the next few weeks and Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC indicated that the pre-sentence report should include a thorough and exhaustive examination of issues including dangerousness.

Mr Wood said the plea to the offence of attempting to choke or suffocate meant that the Crown accepted that the youth did not intend to kill his great grandmother when he did what he admitted doing.

Judge Durham Hall told the teenager to cooperate with the report author who would be looking at whether there are problems or whether he was just a badly behaved young man with no respect at all for his family and his great grandmother in particular.

“I give no indication as to sentence,” the judge told him.

The teenager was granted bail until his sentence hearing later this month.