Teen hurled abuse at police officers

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A 19-year-old spat at police officers and called them “smelly pigs” as they tried to arrest him, a court heard.

Haider Hussain, of Clapton Avenue in Halifax, was one of 12 youths who had been drinking in a flat in Gibbet Street on September 9 last year.

The police had been called to disperse the group after he became too rowdy, but as they left Hussain began screaming insults at them.

Officers saw him damage a parked car, so went to arrest him. As they did, he called them “smelly pigs” and tried to spit at them.

Once inside the police car, he repeatedly bagged his head against the window and tried to release the car’s handbrake.

Calderdale magistrates gave him a conditional discharge and a £165 fine.