Teenager attacked man in pub toilet

Bow Legged with Brass, Halifax.
Bow Legged with Brass, Halifax.

A teenager appeared in Bradford Crown Court charged with assaulting a man in the toilet of a Halifax pub.

18-year-old Jordan O’Shea had been part of a gang of three who lashed out at the victim resulting in causing him actual bodily harm, the court heard.

The offence occurred on March 28 at the Bow Legged With Brass Pub on George Street, Halifax.

The court was told how the complainant had no recollection of what had happened, however it was clear from CCTV evidence that O’Shea and two co-defendants – who have been dealt with separately - assaulted the man by punching and kicking him in the toilet area of the pub, resulting in cuts and bruises, a bloodied nose and a state of semi-consciousness.

The prosecution told the court how the defendant had been drugged up on a “bomb of MDMA” , and he’d been nine out of ten on the drunkenness scale, “ten being the most drunk ever”.

Acting in O’Shea’s defence, Rachael Sewell said: “Officers noticed on their arrival that the complainant was conscious, abusive and swearing. The complainant did play some part.”
Despite this, O’Shea was sentenced to 250 hours unpaid work in the community.

He also must pay a £60 victim surcharge and prosecution costs of £510.

Sentencing, judge Peter Benson said: “Having watched the CCTV of this appalling offence I should really send you straight into custody.

“You got yourself drunk and high on MDMA. I’m going to give you this chance but mark my words if you breach this I’ll send you straight away to custody.”