Teens guilty of sexual assault and taking indecent photos of drunken girl

Bradford Crown Court
Bradford Crown Court

Three teenagers have been found guilty of sexual assault and taking indecent photos with their mobile phones of a drunken girl in a Queensbury field.

The youngsters, a 15-year-old boy and two girls aged 15 and 14, have been granted conditional bail until their sentence hearing in about a month’s time.

The charges relate to an incident in December 2011 after the 13-year-old victim got drunk on vodka.

Legal restrictions mean that neither the defendants nor the victim can be identified.

Opening the trial at Bradford Crown Court earlier this month barrister Nicholas Askins said it was the prosecution’s case that the defendants’ motive was to entertain themselves through the sexual humiliation of the complainant.

He described the incident as “a particularly unpleasant episode of bullying”.

Mr Askins said the girl went to urinate nearby, but the next thing she remembers was waking up in hospital.

He said the girl had fallen into a deep coma and it was alleged that in the intervening period when she was unconscious the defendants had committed the offences against her.

It is alleged that some of the girl’s clothing was removed and photographs were taken of parts of her body.

One of the teenage girls was also found guilty by the jury of distributing some of the indecent images.

The alarm was raised when a dog walker came across the defendants and the complainant, who was lying unconscious on a path.

The male defendant suggested that the teenager was “out of her face”, but the man told his wife about the girl’s condition and she called an ambulance.

The jury returned their guilty verdicts after more than six hours of deliberation and Judge David Hatton QC granted the three teenagers bail pending the preparation of reports about them.