Tenant pushed over Xmas tree in dispute

A MAN has appeared in court after smashing glass doors at a social housing company. David Eastwood, 40, admitted causing the damage and pushing over a Christmas tree during the incident at Pennine Housing.

The incident occurred on December 7, 2011, at Park View House, Brighouse.

Calderdale Magistrates Court heard how the dispute with Pennine Housing had started over maintenance to the boiler in Eastwood’s home.

He told the court: “Pennine Housing were pushing leaflets through my door saying it was unsafe if I didn’t let them in to fix it.

“I arranged an appointment and they never turned up. That happened three times on the trot.

“In the meantime they turned my gas off. I’ve had no hot water for a month and a half – I’ve been having cold showers.”

Eastwood went to the office and confronted the workers over the issue.

Prosecutor Lisa Beadle told the court that staff put him on the phone to another department and the court heard that workers noticed him becoming increasingly frustrated and angry.

“So much so that he pushed a computer, monitor and paperwork off a desk on to the floor,” she said.

“He then stood up to leave and pushed the office Christmas tree over on his way out.”

The terrified staff locked the doors to the building at which point Eastwood picked up some stones and hurled them at the glass doors.

They smashed causing £350 worth of damage.

Magistrates handed him a conditional discharge for 12 months and fined him £350.

Chair of the magistrates John Bassinder said: “Your frustration isn’t justification for your actions.

“We see no reason why Pennine Housing should be out of pocket. You have caused £350 worth of damage and will pay to replace them.

“If you get chance to apologise to the staff we suggest you do that.”