Thieves swipe £25k of stock in raids on sports nutrition shop

An uninsured Halifax proprietor faces having to ‘shut shop’ as a second robbery has cleaned him out of £25,000 worth of stock.

Thieves, who used a beer keg to break into Cre8 Nutrition and Supplements, Cow Green, stole thousands of pounds worth of stock in a 45-minute early Tuesday morning robbery.

Boarded up, Cre8 Nutrition and Supplements, Crown House, Halifax.

Boarded up, Cre8 Nutrition and Supplements, Crown House, Halifax.

At around 04:20am, hooded-thieves took a beer keg from The Sportsman pubJohn Street, Halifax, which they used to smash through the front door of the health supplement shop.

Two people then swiped around £5,000 worth of stock - including supplements, food burners, protein powder, test boosters, and a laptop - CCTV footage obtained by the Courier can be seen online.

The theives left at about 5:10am.

This is the second robbery on the new business since July with thieves taking a total of £25,000 worth of stock. Proprietor Fahim Azam is now contemplating shutting up shop after being told his insurance is void as his policy states he must have CCTV, grills and a station alarm - which he was in the process of installing.

“I’m weighing up whether to carry on trading. I can’t face this happening again. It’s a real shame because a lot of shops in Halifax are closing - this could be another shop closure; for all the wrong reasons.”

Police said in the July 11 robbery at around 10:15pm, the burglar fled the scene in a blue transit van after being disturbed. A man was arrested July 17.

Police ask anyone with information to call 101 or Crimestoppers 0800555111.