Thieves take lion statues

Lions stolen from Park Field, The Hough, Northowram
Lions stolen from Park Field, The Hough, Northowram

A woman from Halifax has spoken of her shock after discovering a pair of stone lions had been stolen from outside her house.

Mavis Garside, 72, lives at her home on The Hough in Northowram with her husband David, and awoke a fortnight ago to find the two statues had disappeared from the front of the property.

She said: “I just looked out of the window and they were gone. I went screaming into the bedroom saying ‘somebody’s stolen the lions’.

“They must’ve been there for around 100 years.

“Everybody’s said ‘how did they carry them’ but they chipped them off and put them in a people carrier.

“There’s not a person that goes by that doesn’t stop and stare. It’s such a shame.

“One of our friends painted them a while ago and they looked beautiful. We were really proud of them,

“We’ve had two alarms put onto the doors because we feel frightened knowing somebody’s been here.”