Thieves tear up paving at Halifax beauty spot

Theft of stone on Albert Promenade
Theft of stone on Albert Promenade

This gaping hole was left in the paving at a popular Halifax beauty spot by Yorkshire stone thieves.

The theft was discovered by people living near Albert Promenade in Savile Park last Saturday morning.

The large stone slabs are believed to have been uprooted under the cover of darkness.

Peter Boyle, lives in the area, said: “I’m shocked and appalled.

“I first I thought some work must be being done there but then I thought there should be some cones there if there is.

“It’s a quiet spot and on a clear view you can get one of the best views of Calderdale from there.”

Calderdale Council has covered the area with tarmac to make the area safe but there are calls for the Yorkshire stone to be replaced.

Councillor John Hardy (Skircoat, Cons) said he felt it was important that the stone was reinstated and the area was properly policed.

He added he had received reports of other Yorkshire stone being stolen in Savile Park a few months ago.

A spokeswoman for Calderdale Council said: “Calderdale Council carried out repairs to the affected area to ensure it is safe for people to use.

“The council is committed to retaining natural stone products wherever possible.

“We are monitoring the situation and will consult local councillors before any decision is made to retain or replace the stone flags in the long term.”

Sergeant Adrian Hazell from Halifax Central neighbourhood policing team said they are investigating the theft and carrying out extra patrols in the area.

Anyone with information about the incident should call the team via 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.