This is how many warnings were issued to speeding Halifax drivers after police operation

The speed watch operation was carried on Hopwood Lane opposite the McVities' factory
The speed watch operation was carried on Hopwood Lane opposite the McVities' factory

A speed watch operation in Halifax saw more than 50 warnings handed out to speeding drivers.

Officers carried out the operation on Hopwood Lane opposite the McVities' factory on August 19. between the hours of 3.12pm and 4.35pm.

Vehicles travelling at, and in excess of 26 MPH in the 20 MPH Zone (both directions) were recorded with details taken of the VRM (Registration Number), vehicle make, colour, speed, time and location.

In addition, a ‘Tally’ sheet was used to record the total number of vehicles, passing the checkpoint, travelling between speeds of 17 MPH and that of the maximum recorded speed of 35 MPH.

This information enables averages to be determined and to gauge the numbers of vehicles exceeding the speed limit and those complying with them.

Result of Tally Count

Total vehicles recorded – 209

139 vehicles logged travelling above 20MPH (66.5%). Maximum speed recorded 35 MPH.

55 vehicles logged travelling at, or in excess of, 26 MPH (26%)

A spokesperson for Calderdale police said: "Many vehicles slowed down when the drivers became visually aware of the presence of Police Support Staff.

"Also, drivers reduced their speeds, having been pre-warned by other drivers of the existence of the camera. Both aspects acted as a deterrent, albeit temporary.

"Warning letters will be sent to 55 offenders advising them to become more speed conscious in future, and also to inform them that details have been put on record and that action may be taken against re-offenders."

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