Thug assaulted ex’s partner in restaurant ‘to embarrass him’

A THUG punched his ex-wife’s new partner after they had eaten in the same restaurant.

Diners looked on in horror as Matthew Todd, 44, grabbed Mark Scott by the throat and pushed him against a wall at 22 The Square restaurant, Back Clough, Northowram.

Todd, of Burned Road, Shelf, admitted two counts of assault by beating against Mr Scott and one of his friends.

The incident occurred on November 26 last year.

Calderdale Magistrates Court heard that Todd had gone to the restaurant to celebrate his father’s birthday.

Later Mr Scott, and Todd’s ex-wife, arrived with a separate party.

Initially, there was no animosity and Mr Scott’s partner went to speak to Todd’s table several times.

The court heard that Todd thought this was uninvited and made him feel awkward despite the pair having divorced 14 years ago.

Todd, who had taken medication for a stomach upset before drinking alcohol, said he felt the other party were laughing and sneering at him during the course of the evening.

Mr Scott’s group finished their meal and made to leave but had to wait for their taxi by the door.

It was at this point that Todd launched his assault grabbing Mr Scott by the throat and pushing him against a wall.

The pair were separated by members of the public but only after Todd had punched his victim in the face.

Mr Scott suffered from a heart condition that Todd was unaware of.

He later told police: “I just wanted to embarrass him, if I’d know he had a heart condition I wouldn’t have gone near him.”

Todd was calmed down but later returned and headbutted another Mr Scott’s friend Paul Carroll.

Neither of the victims sustained serious injuries.

Maggie Cavanagh, defending, said: “His perception was that there was a certain degree of sneering and smirking from ex-wife and current partner.”

She said his actions that night were fuelled by a combination of alcohol and medication for his stomach upset.

Linda Rogan, chair of the magistrates, said: “It seems it was a night that got completely out of out of hand.

“We have come to the decision we have made because you did plead guilty and you are remorseful.

“We are satisfied there wasn’t any substantial injuries to the two men involved.”

Todd was fined £270 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge,

He will also pay £50 compensation to the two men he attacked.