Thugs jailed for stamping on man’s face

Bradford Crown Court
Bradford Crown Court

Three men left a footprint mark on a man’s face after stamping on him in a savage drunken assault.

The attackers have been jailed for 30 months for the kicking and stamping as their victim laid motionless on the floor.

Cristan Perkins, Luke and Aaron Goodwill all admitted the charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm at Bradford Crown Court for the assault on Gareth Reed.

The court heard how the four men had gotten into an argument in Bridge End, Brighouse, after consuming a large amount of alcohol on June 12, 2012.

Stephen Wood, prosecuting said, that all four had little or no recollection of what happened.

“A witness from a take away who was making a delivery in Bridge End, Brighouse, said he saw Mr Reed on the floor with the three defendants standing around him all kicking him.

“He said they kicked Mr Reed for five to six minutes mainly to the body and his face was stamped on.

“The witness was so upset by the spectacle he had to pass his phone to another member of the public to make the emergency call.

“He thought the victim was dead.”

Mr Wood added that when police arrived all three of the defendants were still around and Aaron Goodwill said Mr Reed had punched him first so he hit him back and started having an epileptic fit on the floor.

Officers noticed the foot imprint to Mr Reed’s face matched the ones on the trainers that the Goodwill brothers were wearing and were arrested.

Mr Reed suffered a bloodied nose, head and neck injuries and a shoe mark on his left cheek.

Tom Storey, defending Aaron Goodwill, 22, of Saville Walk, Dewsbury, made the point that the attack was probably less than five minutes as Mr Reed would have suffered more serious injuries. He also said that his client is trying to tackle his alcohol issues and on the night Mr Reed conducted the first blow and Goodwill admitted throwing a punch back.

John Boumphrey, representing, Luke Goodwill, 20, Fenton Street, Mirfield, said in mitigation: “This is a defendant who has had a very hard upbringing being part of special needs education and put into care. You would expect to see much more extensive list of previous convictions. This is a defendant who has done remarkably well in the circumstances he has faced.”

Simon Perkins, in mitigation for Cristan Perkins, 22, Grosvenor Terrace, Manningham, added said his client had done extremely well in finding a job as a delivery driver’s mate and normally conducted himself decent and considerable way.

Judge John Potter said on sentencing the three men: “This was nothing more or less than mindless, drunken, drug fuelled violence in a public place towards a victim laying motionless on the floor. You are fortunate that his injuries were not more serious

“I accept each of you have accepted a degree of remorse for what you did at that time. Each of you have lived difficult lives and I accept you are having to deal with health issues.”

Aaron Goodwill was sentenced to 12 months in prison. Luke Goodwill and Perkins were given nine month sentence.