Triangle Couple’s nightmare of tyre stabbers who have hit 17 times

Debbie Holdsworth with her car, which has had its tyres vandalised 17 times
Debbie Holdsworth with her car, which has had its tyres vandalised 17 times

Debbie and Glenn Holdsworth are being plagued by tyre-stabbing vandals who have struck 17 times over the last year.

The couple, who live at Parkfield Drive in Triangle, say vehicles parked outside their home - not just their own - keep being attacked with some kind of tool that leaves holes in the tyres.

The holes are usually in the same place - near the tread, so the tyres can not be fixed and have to be replaced.

The vandalism has cost the couple thousands of pounds.

But their fear is that someone could take their car on the motorway, not realising their tyres had been attacked, and become an accident victim.

“It had got to the point where we were thinking about moving house and we wanted to get away but now we’re just thinking we want to find out who is doing this,” said Mrs Holdsworth.

The couple are building a new house on their land and wonder if that has led to the vandal attacks.

They said the vandalism started around 12 months ago and did stop for a short period but has recently started again.

It happens during the day and at night.

Police have spoken to people living in the area but so far have not found the culprits.

PC Phillip Eastwood, from the Upper Valley neighbourhood policing team, said they are taking the matter very seriously and inquiries are ongoing to find the vandals. Anyone who sees anyone acting suspiciously in the Parkfield Drive o r Lower Brockfield Lane area of Triangle is being urged to call the Upper Valley neighbourhood policing team via 101.