Troubled teen gets back on the bridge

A TEENAGER who had repeatedly been found on the edge of North Bridge has been sent to prison.

The 19-year-old, from Boothtown, phoned the police on Friday July 22, at around 9.15pm. She told them she was sat on North Bridge and didn’t care what happened to her.

The teen had only been released from custody on Friday morning for the same offence.

Two officers attended the scene and found her standing on the edge of the bridge with a two-litre bottle of cider in her hand.

Calderdale Magistrates’ Court heard that officers tried to convince the teen to come away from the drop.

She told them she had taken two speed tablets and said: “You don’t care. You’re only here because you have to be.”

Officers eventually managed to talk her down from the edge and arrested her for causing a public nuisance.She told them she was sorry for wasting their time again and pleaded guilty to the charge at magistrates’ court on Saturday morning.

Paul Manning, defending, said: “This is a young lady with considerable problems that I don’t think have been dealt with adequately.

“Probation took the view that this is a young lady they cannot work with.”

Magistrates sentenced her to six weeks in prison.

They elected not to impose a community order as this would be unworkable.