Under-age shoppers targeted off-licences

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Off licence owners in Calderdale have been targeted by secret underage shoppers to make sure they are checking for identification and complying with the law.

During a test purchase operation by West Yorkshire Police, on January 31, 15 premises were visited and only one sold alcohol to an underage volunteer.

The supervisor who made the sale has been reported for summons for the offence of selling alcohol to a person under 18.

By law, licensed premises should comply with the four licensing objectives which are: preventing crime and disorder; preventing public nuisance; promoting public safety and protecting children from harm.

Most licensed premised in Calderdale also operate Challenge 21 - a scheme where anyone who appears to be under the age of 21 is asked for proof of age.

Calderdale Licensing Officer, Lisa Nicholson, said: “We are pleased that all but one of the premises visited asked the volunteers for identification.

“Test purchasing will continue throughout Calderdale on a regular basis to remind all licensed premises of their responsibility to promote the four licensing objectives and operate Challenge 21.

“If anyone needs to report a licensed premises for selling alcohol to persons under the age of 18, please contact Halifax Police licensing on 101.”